I was surprised earlier this year when I received two requests on the same day for Raccoon and Red Panda wedding cake toppers! They were from couple's who lived on opposite sides of the world, and did not know of one another. It was the first time I'd received a request for this particular combination and needless to say, I was delighted to make them!

raccoon and red panda wedding cake topper

This first pair featured two brides, splendid coral and turquoise colored flowers, and a starfish on the Raccoon's tail. I was very proud of that starfish!

This pair was simply adorned with white flowers and a black bow tie. I think the part that was most exciting to me was seeing how their marvelous striped tails entwined in the back

I make all kinds of combinations of animals by custom request. The reason I don't usually carry mixed species ready-to-ship in my shop is that... I've never actually sold a mixed species pair that wasn't s custom request! Most people want to choose their own animals, and even within my custom orders, same-species pairs are more popular. It is so much fun to make new combinations of animals and see how they look together, and to daydream how animals of two seperate species might become friends or even fall in love. ^_^