It's been a couple years since I made Poupettes inspired by ancient Egypt. These were collected so quickly that not many people got to see them before they were shipped to far off destinations, so I wanted to share them here.


I only made one Anubis, the jackal-headed god of the underwold. I gave him a lapis lazuli stone on his collar, and his eyes are moss green mother-of-pearl. I understand that in ancient Egypt, lapis was revered for its protection against the evil eye.

Bastet Sculpture

I made at least four Bastet figurines. She is a goddess of protection. I gave her a carnelian to wear. I understand that carnelian was considered a lucky stone in ancient Egypt, and that it offers protection against negative energy.

Bast Figurine

Bastet Goddess Statue

I've always been drawn to symbols of protection, reminders that that we are cared for, reminders to be careful and caring. If you are interested in one of these figurines, let me know. If you are interested in more historically accurate figurines, you should visit Shadow of the Spinx.